Ray Donovan

Season 1:

Episode 1; The Bag or the Bat

This is my 100th post!!! Somehow it feels very appropriate. I’m switching up my Deadwood viewing with a little of Showtime’s motherfucking Ray Donovan! The two shows have a little more in common than you might initially think. Deadwood focuses heavily on the formation of civilizations and societies. Ray critiques [Read more…]

Episode 2; A Mouth is a Mouth

In this second episode Ray’s responsibilities, both personal and work related, are beginning to pile up. Also some characters that were only briefly seen in the first episode are fleshed out a little more here. Ray’s work related problems come [Read more…]

Episode 3; Twerk

The first two episodes of Ray Donovan were mostly about introducing the main characters and their conflicts. With this third episode the characters are being fleshed out more, so the drama becomes more compelling. The bad influence of Mickey, Ray’s dad, is starting to spread through the show now like a cancer. He seemed kind of likeable and charismatic the first two episodes. He is [Read more…]

Episode 4; Black Cadillac

This episode Ray decides to take a break from his job. Well, actually Abby forces him to go to family day at Bel-Air academy, a private school she wants their children to attend. Somewhat predictably the day ends up being a disaster and Ray can’t escape his work. But it isn’t Ray that spoils the day, it’s [Read more…]

Episode 5; The Golem

This episode of Ray Donovan feels kind of like a filler one. There is some great acting from Liev Schreiber and some really funny moments. But [Read more…]

Episode 6; Housewarming

This is one of my favorite episodes of Ray Donovan. Last episode Bunchy bought a house. So this episode he decides to throw a housewarming party. The party is about as pathetic and disastrous as you would expect. [Read more…]

Season 2:

Episode 11; Rodef.

Spoilers ahead. I love this show, I’ve been binge watching it the last couple of weeks. I have always been a huge fan of Liev Schreiber, so I was thrilled when he signed on to do this show because he is finally in a lead role. So I’m just going to get into what I liked about this episode and maybe do some more in-depth reviews in the future. First of all, the most irritating thing [Read more…]

Episode 12; The Captain.

The season finale closes out not with a bang, but with a whimper. I love this show and I was really excited about this episode. But this had to be the most boring episode of the second season. Sure, there were a few deaths, but they were so inevitable that there was no surprise. [Read more…]

Season 3

Episodes 1 and 2; The Kalamazoo and Ding

The first episode of this season worried me a bit, so I was waiting to post anything until the second episode, when I got a better feel for where the show is going this season.
I’m a little worried because [Read more…]

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