Ray Donovan: Season 1, Episode 2; A Mouth is a Mouth

Liev Schreiber as Ray Donovan in Ray Donovan (Season 2, Key Art). - Photo:  Brian Bowen Smith/SHOWTIME - Photo ID:  RD_keyart_01.R

That wonderful episode title comes straight from Mickey (not very surprising). It has been way too long since I wrote my last Ray Donovan review. I am going to try to pick up the pace because I would like to be all caught up before the third season airs in July.
In this second episode Ray’s responsibilities, both personal and work related, are beginning to pile up. Also some characters that were only briefly seen in the first episode are fleshed out a little more here. Ray’s work related problems come in the form of two actors, Sean Walker (Johnathon Schaech) is a movie star with a somewhat complicated connection to Ray’s past. Sean bluntly says something to Ray along the lines of “I shot your girlfriend in the head, high on Mickey’s coke.” I have to admit it comes across as terrible writing and makes no sense at the moment it is said. As the season continues it will be explained a little better and become more integral to the plot. Mickey sends Sean an intimidating message and Ray must appease and comfort Sean because of it.

Chloe is played by Alex Saxton.
Chloe is played by Alex Saxton.

The other actor with a problem for Ray is Tommy Wheeler (Austin Nichols), the actor from the first episode who had been caught with a transvestite. This time around Tommy is being blackmailed with a video of himself giving a transvestite a blowjob. This is one of my favorite subplots on the show because I really like Chloe (Alex Saxon), the transvestite. The acting is great, plus Chloe makes for one hot chick (great make-up and costuming). It also reveals some key things about Ray. Chloe is blackmailing Tommy because she needs money for a sex change. This doesn’t faze Ray at all. He’s not surprised, he’s seen it all, and he’s not going to judge anyone. He is even sympathetic of Chloe’s situation. But Ray still has a client to protect. So Ray breaks in, somewhat violently, to Chloe’s apartment and forcefully takes all copies of the sex tape. He is quite physically rough, nearly choking Chloe. But Ray also shows genuine sympathy for Chloe. He tells her to stop prostituting and doing drugs because it will kill her, he’s seen it before. He leaves Chloe devastated and embarrassed. But at the end of the episode Ray sends Lena over to Chloe’s with enough money for the sex change surgery. Chloe’s gratitude is very touching and that good side of Ray that the audience loves is revealed. He is a sympathetic and admirable character even if he can also be extremely violent and even despicable at times.
Personally Ray has to deal with Mickey and his hold on his family this episode. Last episode Abby and Ray had a fight, Ray was cheating on her, so Abby is justified in her anger. Abby allowed Mickey to hang out with her and the kids for the night. And this episode she takes Mickey and the kids for a trip to Malibu, just in an attempt to get back at Ray. Ray loses control when he finds out, and is only stopped from killing Mickey then and there by Avi. It seems a little over dramatic a reaction on Ray’s part, but we still don’t know why he hates Mickey s much, so we can’t judge him at this point. So far Mickey doesn’t seem too bad. He admits to Abby that he was a “terrible father,” but he feels he has done his time and that everyone should move on. But that’s the one thing Ray is incapable of at this point.

The immediate aftermath of last episode's the bag or the bat.
The immediate aftermath of last episode’s the bag or the bat.

• “Great guns you got there.” Terry’s nurse blatantly hits on him. Terry is extremely uncomfortable upon hearing this. Ray grins and encourages Terry to ask her out. But will he be able to overcome his crippling shyness?
• Conner blackmails Abby into taking the family to Malibu. This combined with his fighting in the first episode show that he takes after his dad.
• “Give him the best blowjob OF HIS LIFE!” Lee’s role on the show seems to just be screaming obscenities.

• Mickey’s wise advice to his grandson: “A mouth is a mouth, but don’t let anyone fuck you in the ass, that’s how you get sick.” Wow, what a great grandfather! Such sound advice!

Ashley and Stu Feldman.
Ashley and Stu Feldman.

• Stu Feldman and Ashley make a little appearance. Stu tries to act all superior to Ray, but of course he fails. His inferiority complex is always hilarious. Stu is still with Ashley because his wife left him.
• Stu: “Jesus, that guy can really suck cocks. He should give my wife lessons.”
• Stu: “[Ray’s] hot, isn’t he? Find out who his trainer is!”

• Daryll is shown doing some of Mickey’s dirty work. The fact that he is now family doesn’t spare him from a beat down by Avi. It’s funny that Daryll is a boxer, but Avi so easily kicks his ass.
• Mickey and Bunchy are yet again bonding while doing drugs together.
• Ray sees the picture of the priest Mickey killed last episode. And Ray smiles. Why? What is so funny about it? We’ll find out next episode!


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