Ray Donovan: Season 2, Episode 11; Rodef


Spoilers ahead. I love this show, I’ve been binge watching it the last couple of weeks. I have always been a huge fan of Liev Schreiber, so I was thrilled when he signed on to do this show because he is finally in a lead role. So I’m just going to get into what I liked about this episode and maybe do some more in-depth reviews in the future. First of all, the most irritating thing about this season has been Kate McPherson (Vinessa Shaw). She is so bland and persistent to the point of stupidity. And how can she kiss Ray after he almost strangled her last episode? (She was kind of asking for it though, not that I endorse violence, but that’s what happens when you push someone’s buttons) And the way Kate kisses Ray makes me dislike her even more (I didn’t think that was possible. Did she forget that he nearly strangled her last episode? I can kind of see why Ray likes her though because she’s a challenge for him and relatively intelligent (combined with stupid stubbornness, but whatever). But still, every time she’s on screen I’m just chanting, kill her, kill her, come on Ray, kill her! Hopefully Avi will do it next episode though (fingers crossed). Abby (Paula Malcomson) can be annoying too, but at least she’s sympathetic. But she’s stupid too, did she really think Jim would do something about Cookie? Maybe Ray just has a thing for stupid, irritating women.

Annoying Kate annoyingly continues to live on.
Annoying Kate annoyingly continues to live on.

Poor Ray. This whole season has been about his life crumbling to pieces. Liev is such a talented actor. I think he’s perfectly captured all the facets and layers of Ray. The strength mixed with vulnerability. You can see the pain in his eyes, yet you still feel like Ray can solve any problem. Except for the giant problem his life has become. Which is obviously mostly Kate’s fault (seriously). Ray has to confront his own problems instead of ignoring them. Otherwise he will end up losing his family. Ray just buys off Abby, Lena, and Avi instead of being honest with them. Although I can’t blame him for not being honest with Abby, she would throw a fit and go kill Cookie or something equally stupid. I find it a little unbelievable that Ray, someone who prizes his family above all else, would allow someone like Kate to basically take it all away. I know he likes her, but come on. Ray is very much like his father in that, they both seem to try to do the right thing, yet time and again screw it up. Ray tries so hard to protect his family, but in this episode he sees that he is powerless to protect Conor and Bridget. Hopefully Ray gets it together next episode.


• When is Ray going to admit to himself that he has to kill Cookie Brown? Next episode probably, since it’s the season finale 😛 It’s been inevitable since this whole thing started.

• Poor Terry. No Ireland for him. And his girlfriend (another stubbornly annoying woman) is definitely going to get on her high horse and leave him.

• I like Jim, Abby’s cop boyfriend. But I wish he had more of a backbone.
• RIP Shorty. You will be missed. But you have to admit, you were pretty stupid there at the end.
• I kind of feel sorry for Mickey. Even he is probably thinking, ‘shit, I just keep fucking up my sons’s lives. I am so pathetic.’ It was funny at the end of the episode when Ray’s the one in the cop car and Mickey walks off. Perfect role reversal.

  • I wonder what the fallout is going to be between Cochran and his wife. She really ruined that press conference with her breakdown. Just how much does Cochran love her? Not more than that job he’s been gunning for, I’m sure.

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