The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)


I was bored the other night and this film was literally the first thing to pop up on Netflix. So I thought I’d give it a try although I was pretty sure I would not like it. I have never seen any of Wes Anderson’s films. His films look pretentious and weird and … I still feel the same way after seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel. But, I did like the movie more than I thought I would.
The most enjoyable aspect of the movie for me was all the cameos from great character actors. Each time I saw someone new I got a thrill. Tom Wilkinson! Jude Law!
Jude Law was great in his brief role. But I absolutely hated the way he narrated some of his scenes with “he said,” “then I said,” It just pissed me off. I’m watching a movie, not listening to someone read out a book.
The humor in this movie is just too weird for me. Most of the time I didn’t even giggle (and I usually laugh at everything). Although there was one moment I absolutely loved.


Oh God I laughed and laughed. So funny.


I also thought Adrien Brody was great, he is such a talented actor who isn’t in nearly enough movies. Vampire Alien Queen Tilda Swinton was also great in her brief role.
I don’t understand why everyone else seems to think this movie is so great. The humor mixed with such violence and darkness…it really put me off. There are some fine performances from the actors, but The Grand Budapest Hotel is too bizarre for me to really enjoy. 6/10.

Trailer Review: Jurassic World


“You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea.” Understatement of the year Chris Pratt.
I don’t know what I was expecting from this trailer and movie. But I don’t like it. I guess I was hoping it would be something different than the old films. But this just looks like the same old Jurassic Park with better effects and minus Jeff Goldblum (laaaame). I also hate the music in the trailer. It sounds like every other action movie trailer ever made. I am so sick of them all sounding the same.
There are two reasons I might still go see this film. 1) That giant alligator like dinosaur that comes out of the water and eats the shark looks pretty cool (alligators are my favorite animal). 2) Chris Pratt. He is so much fun to watch and I liked the scene where he is on a motorcycle as raptors are running around him. That simply looked fun.
The kid in me does kind of want to see this. Jurassic World comes out June 12, 2015.

Trailer Review: Mortdecai


Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Johnny Depp, what have you done to your career?! Once he was on top of the planet. A celebrated character actor, who could also wow in big blockbuster films. Now… he’s become a caricature of himself. And this silly movie is not going to put his career back on track again. If anything it shows that he has finally reached the bottom of the barrel. I remember when Johnny did movies because he wanted to, not because he wanted a cash grab.
Johnny Depp plays Mortdecai, an art dealer looking for a lost painting that’s worth a lot of money. Or something like that. This movie is basically just an excuse for Johnny to ham it up. Also in the movie are Olivia Munn, Ewan McGregor, Gwyneth Paltrow, Paul Bettany, and Jeff Goldblum. A bit of a mixed bag that cast. This is kind of reminding me of The Tourist in that it’s a heist movie (I think?) with Johnny Depp trying to be funny. This is not a good thing to be reminded of. At least this film (Mortdecai) doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously.
Johnny’s accent is making me cringe. It might be funny in the movie, but in the trailer it seems over the top and ridiculous. And just down right annoying. I am so saddened by what Johnny Depp has become. Okay, enough whining, I’m going to go cry in the corner as I picture Johnny Depp grabbing Olivia Munn’s boob. How the mighty have fallen indeed. Mortdecai is in theaters January 23, 2015.