Ray Donovan: Season 1, Episode 3; Twerk

Elliott Gould as Ezra Goldman and Liev Schreiber as Ray Donovan.
Elliott Gould as Ezra Goldman and Liev Schreiber as Ray Donovan.

“It’s motherfucking Ray Donovan in my motherfucking house. Hell ya!”
“Hell ya, you the man!”
The first two episodes of Ray Donovan were mostly about introducing the main characters and their conflicts. With this third episode the characters are being fleshed out more, so the drama becomes more compelling. The bad influence of Mickey, Ray’s dad, is starting to spread through the show now like a cancer. He seemed kind of likeable and charismatic the first two episodes. He is funny and able to charm everyone around him, except for of course, Ray. But in Twerk his jokes become offensive and obscene. It is also more evident the effect of being in jail for twenty years has had on Mickey. He is from the old school, with a very backwards mentality. Now the audience, and some of the characters, can see a little glimpse of why Ray hates Mickey so much. Mickey is loud and offensive, has to be the center of attention. Ray is quiet, respectful, and prefers to stay in the background.

Dash Mihok as Bunchy Donovan.
Dash Mihok as Bunchy Donovan.

The most interesting scene in the episode, at least to me, may seem like a relatively minor one at first. But I think it speaks volumes about Ray and Mickey. It starts with Ray walking into the fight club to get Bunchy as they have a meeting with a lawyer. Mickey is there watching Terry and Daryll box. #1: Mickey’s negative influence on Bunchy is taking hold here. Bunchy is trying to avoid Ray because Mickey is poisoning their relationship. #2 The second Mickey sees Ray enter the club he immediately jumps up and becomes coaching Daryll on, although before he had been sitting around eating Chinese food. Mickey wants Ray to notice him and to specifically notice him being a father to Daryll. But Mickey fucks up. He eggs on Daryll too much, to the point of Daryll injuring Terry. This shows that Mickey is stuck in the past (before Terry got Parkinsons) and also that Mickey doesn’t know HOW to be a father. #3 This is when Ray steps in and intervenes, telling Daryll to stop fighting. This scenes shows how Ray is the responsible, mature one and that he has been more of a father to his brothers than Mickey ever has. By the end of the scene Mickey has only accomplished looking like a complete jack ass. It’s a small, beautiful moment.
One thing I wanted to mention about Ray Donovan last time, but forgot is the great music. Often times near the end music plays to a montage of where the characters are now. It’s always one of my favorite parts. The music is classic 60s/70s music. I love it because the songs always seem like something Ray would listen to or that he grew up with. This week’s montage was all about sex: Ray and Abby fiercely getting it on, Bunchy and Mickey hanging out with hookers, and Bridget and her new ‘friend’ Marvin sending each other pictures. The song is “No One’s Gonna Love You” by Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators.
• Ray finally returns home after five days. Only to pack his bags and immediately leave.
• Abby is understandable pissed by this and by Ray trying to buy her off. She epically throws her shoe at him screeching, “You’re gonna treat me like a whore?! I’m your fucking WIFE!”

• Noisy neighbors are still noisy.
• Bridget got a B- on her family tree project because it was ‘vague.’ Of course, she’s Ray Donovan’s daughter!
• The shoe thing has pissed Ray off, so he’s gonna take out his anger on the noisy neighbors. He kicks in the door, unplugs the speakers. But he’s motherfucking Ray Donovan so it’s all good.
• Turns out that conveniently the neighbor has a problem. You see, he’s a rapper named Re-Kon who wants to adopt young Marvin, a kid around Bridget’s age. Marvin is a talented singer, but he needs to be emancipated from his crack head mother. Ray is enlisted to help Re-Kon out.

• Ray asks Marvin, “Where’s your father?”
“Dead, homes.”
“Lucky you.” Ahahaha.
• Apparently Marvin “don’t need no school, I’m gonna be a fucking millionaire.” Your bad grammar says otherwise, Marvin.
• Just as Ray is finally driving away, Abby comes back out screaming about the laundry. Oh shit… Ray just drives off.
• According to Mickey Bunchy has “no real porn” and this is a serious problem.
• I like the small touch of Bunchy stirring his coffee with a fork handle.
• Avi is in Boston investigating that priest Mickey murdered back in episode 1.
• Lena’s girl fling calls her, “I’m lonely.”
• Abby is so pissed she donates Ray’s suits to a church. Well, that solves the laundry problem!
• Mickey to Daryll: “Your mother hits harder than that!”
Mickey-ism #1: “I could cry thinking about that sweet black ass of hers.”
• Abby “goes to yoga, not church.”
• Avi pays off Mickey’s driver to go to the police and identify Mickey as the priest murderer.
Mickey-ism #2: Parkinsons “makes jerking off easier.”
• Terry’s nurse: “You know, I used to be a hooker before I was a nurse.” The joke goes way over Terry’s head as most jokes do.
• Mickey’s Father Nelson joke really is terrible.
Mickey-ism #3 “Smile and the world smiles with ya. Cry and you cry alone.”
• Remember when Ray was smiling at the end of last episode? It’s because Mickey fucked up and killed the wrong priest. He wanted to kill the guy that molested Bunchy, but got his brother instead. Mickey is shocked but recovers with, “So what? Didn’t fuck my boy, fucked someone else’s.”
• Mickey is going with Bunchy to his support group because “that’s what fathers are for.”
• Lee is thrilled to sign Re-Kon. Apparently the guy is always in trouble with the police, so easy to make money defending him. Apparently it even warrants “the best hand job” of Ray’s life.
• Ray: “We’re buying kids now, Lee?”
Lee: “We’ve done worse.”
• Ok, Mickey’s pedophile joke is bad, but funny.
• Ray pays for Terry’s nurse visit. Instead of paying him back, Ray wants Terry to ask her out.
• Abby breaks down during her yoga session, “I’m a terrible person.”
• Mickey’s visit to the support group is a disaster. Case in point: “I could use some oral rape right now.”

Octavius J. Johnson as Marvin Gaye (pause) Washington.
Octavius J. Johnson as Marvin Gaye (pause) Washington.

• Bridget meets Marvin Gaye (pause) Washington (aka the neighbor).
• Ray offers Marvin’s mom money for her to let him go. It’s a hard decision for her, but she knows she can’t raise a child.
• Abby takes back Ray’s suits. The priest is very nice, but the bitchy old lady who won’t let them go is hilarious. Abby donates the money Ray had given her.
• Mickey goes to the library…. To look up twerking, “I’m an ass man.”
• Bunchy receives his settlement of $1.4 million. Ray wants to have control of his money, in order to protect Bunchy from himself (and Mickey). But Bunchy refuses the help.
• Mickey reads Moby Dick lol.

Frank Whaley as Van Miller aka FBI Guy.
Frank Whaley as Van Miller aka FBI Guy.

• An FBI agents visits Mickey at the library. Apparently Mickey got out of jail early because he ratted out a bunch of guys (but not this mysterious Sully…). FBI guy also knows about the priest murder. He does nothing, just gives Mickey money and says he’ll be in touch. ????
• Ezra has a big party for his new foundation. Ray sends a limo for Abby, again, impressing her with money. This time she falls for it.
• Ezra’s mistress gets hilariously drunk, bad mouthing Ezra’s widow in front of everyone.
• Ezra freaks out and starts speaking Yiddish when he sees Mickey in the crowd.

Brooke Smith as Frances and Eddie Marsan as Terry Donovan.
Brooke Smith as Frances and Eddie Marsan as Terry Donovan.

• Terry and the nurse have the most awkward meeting at a diner. It is filled with lines like, “I’m a clean man.” And, “You like spaghetti?” That’s how he asks her out. It’s hilarious and Terry’s grin is so sweet.
• So Mickey should be going back to prison soon…
• Mickey got hookers for him and Bunchy.
• Abby: “I’m still fucking mad at you, Ray.” *proceeds to have hot, steamy sex with him* (can’t blame her).
• FBI guy is shown in his Spartan office. He must have OCD. He has a wall full of pictures, some crossed off. There’s Ezra, Lee, Mickey and of course…. Ray.


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