Season 1:

Episode 1; Deadwood.

Probably the best show to ever be cancelled, Deadwood was short lived with only 3 seasons. But those 3 seasons were excellent. My teacher in high school described Deadwood as Shakespeare, but with every third word a swear word. [Read more…]

Episodes 2, 3, and 4; Deep Water, Reconnoitering the Rim, and Here was a Man.

Last night I watched three episodes of Deadwood in a row because they are just so good. Shirtless Bullock! A new whore house! Al in his onesie! [Read more…]

Episode 5; The Trial of Jack McCall

I’ve come up with a rating system for Deadwood, I think. This episode gets 2 out of 5 Hoopleheads (every time Al says that I laugh). But keep in mind, 2 Hoopleheads for Deadwood is like 8 stars for another show. Deadwood is in a class by itself.
This episode is [Read more…]

Episode 6; Plague

In this episode the small pox hits Deadwood. This episode is notable because it shows how a lawless society, filled with volatile and combative personalities, can [Read more…]

Episode 7; Bullock Returns to the Camp

There’s one interesting thing I forgot to note about Deadwood’s previous episode, Plague. And that is the absence of Bullock. While the community of Deadwood is banding together to prevent a small pox epidemic, Bullock is off fighting an Indian. If Bullock had been in the camp during the plague dilemma I think there [Read more…]

Episode 8; Suffer the Little Children

Deadwood has some of the most brutal, intense scenes that I have ever seen on TV or even in the movies. I’ve seen the whole series once before, but certain events will still make my jaw drop and make me want to cover my eyes. One of those scenes is in this episode involving [Read more…]

Episode 9; No Other Sons or Daughters

This episode of Deadwood isn’t terribly exciting. The most significant development is the formation of an ‘informal organization, non-threatening’ that functions like a government. This is so they can be annexed as part of the US. Or something like that. They have a mayor and everything! And who is the mayor? No, it’s not Al [Read more…]

Episode 10; Mister Wu

This episode is mildly more exciting than the last. 3.5 Hoopleheads out of 5. This episode is largely about introducing Mister Wu. He’s been seen in snippets before, but now he is a factor in the storyline. Mister Wu is a great, hilarious character. Mostly because the only things he can say are “Swigin” [Read more…]

Episode 11; Jewel’s Boot is Made for Walking

So many good characters on this show. The longer the show goes on even more characters are introduced. But it never feels too overwhelming and each character is very distinct. Even Al’s lackeys, who perform basically the same functions, have their own unique personalities. One of my favorite characters is [Read more…]

Episode 12; Sold Under Sin

Grab some more canned peaches because the season finale of Deadwood is about to get under way! This is one of my favorite episodes in the entire series. A lot of the conflicts and issues [Read more…]

Season 2:

Episode 1; A Lie Agreed Upon Part 1

“Welcome to fucking Deadwood!”
The second season of Deadwood kicks off with a bit of a bang. The first season ended on a positive, hopeful note. But the second commences with plenty of violence, aggression, and negativity. [Read more…]

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