Masters of Sex

Season 1:

Episode 1; Pilot.

Well, here goes my first review/analysis. I like to write and I love movies/TV so I thought I would give it a try. Now then, I’ve been wanting to watch this show since it came out, but only just recently finally got around to it. I’ve been too consumed with Ray Donovan up until now (maybe I’ll post some reviews for it too). Masters of Sex [Read more…]

Episode 2; Race to Space.

The first episode of the show I really liked. This one…not so much. It was a bit of a drag. For one major reason: William Masters. Wow, is he an extremely unappealing character or what? It’s hard to make a show work when the protagonist is so incredibly unlikeable. It’s really hard to see [Read more…]

Episode 3; Standard Deviation.

This episode was okay. A little better than the last one, but not much. Maybe I don’t like this show nearly as much as I thought I did in the beginning. It’s a little dull. All that stuff with the quadruplets was boring, even Masters was like ‘who cares?’ Virigina (Lizzy Caplan) [Read more…]

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