Masters of Sex: Season 1, Episode 3; Standard Deviation

This episode was okay. A little better than the last one, but not much. Maybe I don’t like this show nearly as much as I thought I did in the beginning. It’s a little dull. All that stuff with the quadruplets was boring, even Masters was like ‘who cares?’ Virigina (Lizzy Caplan) saves the episode yet again by being so charming and resilient. I love her for finally being the one to tell Libby the truth, that William is the reason they have been unable to conceive a child.
Yet again Masters is a jerk in this episode. I guess I should be getting used to that by now, but I still find it irritating. When are we going to see the side of Masters that Libby and presumably Ginny like? He is still very cold to Virginia and screams at her for “taking liberties!” He should be worshipping this woman who continues to save his ass constantly. William is also a jerk when he unsympathetically dismisses Betty and her “fantasy life.” He is terrible at having any kind of relationship with anyone. Although he did seem genuinely upset by the story of the prostitute who had been raped by her uncle. Masters seems to be better with complete strangers than he is with people he intimately knows. He also kicks out the doctors making fun of Betty during her operation. William is also better with his patients than he is with his wife or co-workers. I kind of, almost felt sorry for Masters when he has to blackmail Scully, his old friend. You can tell William feels bad about it. But it’s still a jerk move on his part.
Betty’s scenes were sad. I like her, she’s funny and straight forward. And she’s trying to better herself and her life. Although I guess she’s lying to herself (and the pretzel king) by denying her sexuality. It’s sad that she can’t have a child. And what’s even sadder is that she’s still going to marry the pretzel king because “you have to hitch your wagon to a man.” It seems to be a sad truth, at least for Betty. And maybe Virginia too according to Betty (low blow by the way!)
• The flashbacks with Masters. First of all his hair look ridiculous. Definitely the highlight of the episode for me. And also how eager he is when he talks about “human sexuality!” It almost made me like him. Almost.

That luscious mop of hair on Masters (Michael Sheen).
That luscious mop of hair on Masters (Michael Sheen).

• Masters slapping the prostitute, Ginger. It was so awkward, but so good.
• When the gay guy says to Masters, “Doctor Frankenstein, I presume.” Hahaha, come on Masters, that is funny, get a sense of humor already. And then when he watches them have sex. Hahaha, William looks traumatized.
• When Betty says “[William’s] in love with you” to Virginia. Umm, where is the evidence of this? This is not believable at all. This is the major downfall of the show. If I can’t believe in or care about the relationship between William and Virginia then how can I be expected to care about the show at all?

• Libby’s pregnant! But whose baby is it? It can’t be William’s because of that low sperm count thing. Right?
• Libby calls William ‘Daddy’ again. It will never cease to irritate me.

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