How to Get Away with Murder: Episode 8; He Has a Wife.

This episode had a lot going on, but I’m not sure how much of it was really anything new. There are flashbacks to Lila (Megan West) when she was alive and dating Mr. Darcy. I was glad to finally see her since it has been hard to feel bad about her murder without knowing anything about her. But her scenes are all that interesting. It is mostly information that the audience has already heard from Sam and Rebecca. Lila would have been more interesting about 5 episodes ago. Rebecca is also made more likeable by her scenes with Lila. Although I find it funny that they had their girl talks while snorting coke. The show is just so nonchalant about it, I find it kind of strange. Anyways, this was an okay episode, not the best, but not the worst either.
• Laurel’s (Karla Souza) facial expression never changes. It doesn’t matter whether she is happy or sad. She always looks pissed off. She’s the Kristen Stewart of the show, I guess.
• “Anyone else feel like we do all her work for her?” Michaela talking about Bonnie (Liza Weil). Finally, someone says what everyone else has been thinking for weeks now.
• Asher yet again dances and acts like a fool. Pure awesomeness.
• Why the hell does Connor want to study with Wes and Kristen Stewart (formerly known as Laurel or Bitch Face)? Normally the only one who cares about exams is Michaela. Although I enjoy how he bans her from the group.
• So I guess Wes has stronger feelings for Rebecca than for Annalise. Huh. How romantic (*puke*)
• Yet again, how can Cop Boy Toy do anything? He himself says he lost his job!
• Sam is being a dick to Rebecca (no surprise there). Maybe Wes killed Sam to protect her?
• “Are you good for anything or can you only do your job when you’re screwing evidence out of someone?” Annalise to Connor. Harsh but…true?
• The way Annalise bitches out Bonnie is frightening; “your pathetic. Mousy presence”. I don’t like Bonnie, but even I wanted to give her a hug. Damn. In reality, Annalise is more pathetic than Bonnie for staying with that SOB of a husband.
• Laurel and Guy Whose Name I Forget fucking is not hot no matter how much groovy music plays in the background.
• Laurel moaning…eww!
• Asher tells Bonnie that Annalise shouldn’t have bitched her out. Finally something happens between these two to establish some kind of relationship.
• “This is what I get. This is what happens when you screw somebody else’s husband. You become sad, barren. Even a dead girl is more of a woman than you.” Annalise’s little speech broke my heart. I feel for her, but it’s not easy when she is such a bitch.
• Lila: “Bad things happen when you have sex.” Umm, yeah, when it’s with someone else’s husband…and/or without a condom.
• “See what happens when you use your brain instead of your penis?” Michaela finally gets in a dig on Connor.
• Annalise can relate to her Client of the Week because they both have d-bag husbands. “You’ll thank me one day.” Maybe Annalise could learn something.
o Yeah, no, she definitely doesn’t learn anything.
• Michaela’s Monster in Law is evil, but really fun to watch.
• K-Stew to Frank (I remembered his name): “Hurry, I have a study group.” What is this, high school?
• Frank has a sexy girlfriend hahahahahahaha. K-Stew is just “the student of the month.” His girlfriend is so hot why would he cheat on her with Bitch Face?
• Sam is so annoying, I can’t wait for him to die already. He isn’t even hot!
• Sam proceeds to kiss Bonnie. He is a master manipulator. Why do these women want him? As I said, he’s not hot!

Bye Bye Bonnie (Liza Weil)
Bye Bye Bonnie (Liza Weil)

• “He’s not a good man, Annalise.” Bonnie tells Annalise her husband is a d-bag. Annalise kicks Bonnie out instead of her scumbag husband. Why?!?!?! Is he really good in bed??? I don’t understand it. Doesn’t matter since he dies in a week.

Seriously, there is nothing appealing about this man physically or mentally.
Seriously, there is nothing appealing about this man physically or mentally.

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