How to Get Away with Murder: Season 1, Episode 2; It’s All Her Fault

So I’m still watching this show although it is very uneven. Basically everything Viola Davis does is great and makes the show worth watching. But everything else is quite bad and makes me want to turn the TV off. This show has such a great thing going with Viola, they really don’t need anything else to make it interesting. But instead they’ve added in a bunch of annoying, forgettable students and two different, confusing “Who dunnit?” murder plots.

This scene was just ridiculous.
This scene was just ridiculous.

The show is a little silly and not very believable. This can kind of be excused when Viola is around and things are going well. But at other times the silliness is distracting and laughable for all the wrong reasons. The whole scenario where they reenact the murder of the case they are handling on the blood stained bed just struck me as ridiculous. That would never happen in the real world. And oh, look for any evidence we might have missed while we walk around completely contaminating the crime scene. And Wes is such a naïve character, he’s almost stupid. His Goth Girl neighbor comes up with a completely lame excuse to use his shower and all he does is stand there, totally dumbfounded.

Annalise (Viola Davis) and her husband, Sam (Tom Verica).
Annalise (Viola Davis) and her husband, Sam (Tom Verica).

The one thing I like about the students is how they have to help Annalise build her defense for whatever the week’s case is. The students are willing to do pretty much anything to try to score brownie points and it is quite funny. It kind of reminds me of House a bit. But House was a lot better and the character was likeable. I like Viola as an actress and Annalise is interesting, but she’s very difficult to like.
The jumping back in forth in time thing is so annoying I want to throw the remote at the TV every time. It’s unclear almost all of the time when exactly something is taking place. It just makes me scratch my head. There is just too much going on with this show. Focusing on just one timeline, and maybe foreshadowing events to come, would have been so much better. Less confusing and more engaging.
• “Do you really know who anyone is?” Annalise’s little speech to her class at the beginning of the episode was interesting. It’s a theme that’s prevalent across all kinds of media these days (like Gone Girl).
• Viola Davis’s acting this episode is excellent. That scene where Nate (Billy Brown) breaks up with Annalise was particularly good. We see Annalise’s cold exterior start to crap and she’s shown to not be as invincible as she would like to be.
• Is Bonnie having an affair with Sam?
• The student who thinks Frank has the hots for her, Laurel, is so irritating. She has constant bitch face.
• “Well it’s happened before!” Annalise is starting to lose it a bit. She’s shown to be growing paranoid this episode as she thinks her husband had an affair with a student of his and possibly killed her too. I also loved the scene where she implores Nate to look into it.

Connor (Jack Falahee) the only almost likeable character on the show.
Connor (Jack Falahee) the only almost likeable character on the show.

• “You’re too old to be a twink.” Hahaha, Connor is funny, he’s the only student that I like (but just a little bit).
• Did Annalise kill her husband, Sam, and the kids are covering it up for her? Is that what’s going on in those stupid time jumping scenes?
• Or did Goth Girl (Rebecca) kill Sam? So she and Wes are together in the future?! What the heck is going on with this show?!?!

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