Trailer Review: Interstellar


This is a review of the third (and hopefully the last) official trailer for Christopher Nolan’s film, Interstellar. Now I’m not a huge Nolan fan. I don’t think he’s an amazing director like the media likes to paint him. I think he’s good, but for me his films seem impersonal. They never really touch me too deeply. And they are almost always way too long. Quantity does not make up for quality. I like The Dark Knight, but its third act is over long. Inception did not blow my mind. It’s good, but I haven’t felt tempted to even give it a second viewing. I will say though that I found The Prestige to be quite gripping and thrilling, by far my favorite Nolan film.
Nolan’s latest film, Interstellar, is about a group of explorers who travel through space trying to find a way to save the doomed human population on Earth. Something like that anyways, as always the plot around Nolan’s film is very vague. Which is good, Nolan never gives too much away and that’s rare in today’s society. Alright, alright, alright Matthew McConaughey is the film’s lead with support from Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, and Casey Affleck (a favorite of mine).
With the first trailer for Interstellar I felt like there was nothing about this film that appealed to me. I’m not into sci-fi or space travel. I don’t like any of the main actors too much and I don’t like Nolan. But wow, something about this trailer has really blown my mind. I feel like I have to see Interstellar now. It’s going to be an event, not just a film, and everyone will be talking about it.
I like the music in this trailer a lot. The score in Nolan’s films is often quite good (some of it in The Dark Knight was irritating though). Strangely enough I think the music is my favorite part of the trailer. It just really draws me into that world and pulls at my heart strings. It is timed very well with the scenes show in the trailer.
Anne Hathaway is a little annoying in this trailer. I don’t know how much of it is her or the character she is playing. Her voice is monotone and her character just seems like a bitch. Nothing likeable there. One of my big problems with Nolan’s films is how he handles women. Most of the women in his films are one dimensional. They’re just background noise or a plot device. And unfortunately the negative depiction of women seems to be continuing here with Anne Hathaway as the bitch and Jessica Chastain as the damsel in distress (since she’s stuck on Earth). I wish for once Nolan would give us a fully-fledged female character. Anyways, Matthew McConaughey seems alright though and I think he’s a good choice for the lead role. He’s likeable, average and simply gives off a good guy vibe.
Interstellar really does look like an interesting movie. The trailer hits all of the right notes. But most of all, the mystery around the film is why I will be seeing it when it hits theaters November 7. It is very rare for there to be a film these days in which the plot hasn’t already been revealed beforehand. Visually too it will be interesting to see what kind of CGI effects are used and a god way to see how far technology has come. And the cinematography looks quite stunning, I wish I were able to see the film in IMAX. Alright, alright, I’ll give Christopher Nolan another chance to impress me and hopefully this time he won’t fail.

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