Memorable Moments: The Seven Year Itch


For Christmas I received a 4 pack collection of Marilyn Monroe’s movies. I’m not really a Marilyn fan (Elizabeth Taylor all the way!!), but despite myself I do find her kind of fascinating. Marilyn definitely had a charming screen presence.
The first Marilyn film I chose to watch was The Seven Year Itch. This movie features THE iconic Marilyn Monroe scene: the skirt blowing incident. It’s funny though that to me, this scene did not stand out much while I was watching the movie. Probably because Marilyn is only shown from the shoulders up for the most part.
No, I much prefer the “chopsticks” scene to the skirt blowing one. This scene, in which Marilyn plays on the piano alongside her co-star Tom Ewell (who is quite hilarious throughout the film), perfectly embodies the allure and essence of Marilyn. She exudes childlike joy while bop bopping along to the tune. She also looks incredibly gorgeous, but she’s all the more appealing here because she is unaware of it. Caught up in the joy of the music Marilyn captures the audience’s heart through her enthusiasm rather than through overt sex appeal.

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