The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)


I was bored the other night and this film was literally the first thing to pop up on Netflix. So I thought I’d give it a try although I was pretty sure I would not like it. I have never seen any of Wes Anderson’s films. His films look pretentious and weird and … I still feel the same way after seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel. But, I did like the movie more than I thought I would.
The most enjoyable aspect of the movie for me was all the cameos from great character actors. Each time I saw someone new I got a thrill. Tom Wilkinson! Jude Law!
Jude Law was great in his brief role. But I absolutely hated the way he narrated some of his scenes with “he said,” “then I said,” It just pissed me off. I’m watching a movie, not listening to someone read out a book.
The humor in this movie is just too weird for me. Most of the time I didn’t even giggle (and I usually laugh at everything). Although there was one moment I absolutely loved.


Oh God I laughed and laughed. So funny.


I also thought Adrien Brody was great, he is such a talented actor who isn’t in nearly enough movies. Vampire Alien Queen Tilda Swinton was also great in her brief role.
I don’t understand why everyone else seems to think this movie is so great. The humor mixed with such violence and darkness…it really put me off. There are some fine performances from the actors, but The Grand Budapest Hotel is too bizarre for me to really enjoy. 6/10.

Trailer Review: Black Sea


This film stars Jude Law as a submarine captain searching the Black Sea for a sunken submarine filled with gold. Sounds kind of lame. But it actually looks kind of fun. Nothing amazing. Just the sort of movie to totally zone out to.
What I like: Jude Law’s awesome Scottish (?) accent. It sounds pretty good and thick. I think I could sit through this movie just to listen to him. I like the ensemble cast. There are a few guys that look familiar, but I have no idea what their names are.
What I don’t like: The effects aren’t the best. Also I hate that Inception “baaam” sound every trailer uses these days. So unoriginal.
Black Sea isn’t the kind of film I would go to the theater to see. But it is something I would rent if I was really bored one night. I’m actually pretty optimistic that this would be an enjoyable film. Black Sea is out January 2015.