Trailer Review: Beefy Batman v Sad Superman: Dawn of Sexiness, But Where is Khal Drogo


It has been quite a while since I did a trailer review, but nothing has really interested me that much till now. The other day EVERYONE was talking about the Star Wars trailer. It was all over my news feeds. I don’t give a flying fuck about Star Wars (never seen any of the movies), so I was actually pretty annoyed.
But now here is finally a trailer that I have been looking forward to for some time. It’s a pretty good trailer, but it has some problems, mainly the lack of Aquaman. No, I’m kidding. But not really though because the world needs more Jason Momoa.
The tone of the movie is very dark, which personally I think is a great way to go. It helps distinguish the DC films from the Marvel ones. It also has the same tone as the Dark Knight trilogy, which is both good and bad. I can see why they would want to copying something that was so effective before. But it is really hard to live up to the standard set by Nolan and co. That’s what worries me about this trailer, some of the obvious times that it copies the Nolan films. Things like Bruce Wayne brooding as he stares at his bat suit. Batman standing on top of some ridiculously high thing looking over the city. Batman’s gravelly voice (although it might be a modulator). The Batmobile scene.

But there is something here that I think will really distinguish Ben Affleck’s Batman from Christian Bale. And that’s anger. Rage. This Batman has a long history behind him and he is PISSED. You can just see it in Ben’s face. And that’s what excites me the most about this film. Christian Bale’s Batman was sad and mopey and mostly blamed himself. But I think Ben’s Batman is going to project that anger more outward. I think he is going to be totally bad ass and a really dark Batman. This Batman feels dangerous to everyone around him, not just to criminals. A lot of people are doubting Ben, but I think he’ll pull it off.

The trailer’s take on Superman is also quite different than any other big screen interpretation of the character. He isn’t just a heroic figure he is also shown to be frightening. There’s an ambiguity around him that could finally make him a really interesting character. My only problem here is Henry Cavill. The guy is gorgeous, but I’m not convinced of his acting skills. He’s a little bland and wooden at times. I’m not sure he can bring the depth needed to Superman this time around, especially when he’s opposite Ben Affleck.
Visually the film is looking great, there are some really amazing shots in the trailer. This isn’t really surprising since it’s a Zack Snyder film. I honestly don’t have too much faith in him, but hopefully he can do well if given the right screenplay. Visually I also love how Batman looks. At first, when I saw the very first on set picture I didn’t like the Bat suit. But here it really works! I love the size of it/Ben. Ben looks so beefy and good….. And the light up eyes are really cool too. As you can see most of my excitement is about Batman, not Superman. So that’s another worry I have. Will Superman be all that interesting when he’s standing next to Batman? We’ll find out when Batman V Superman hits theaters next year.

Share your opinion on Beefy Batman and Sad Superman below!



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