My Anti-Oscars Oscar post


The title may be a little misleading. I love the Oscars, but I also hate them sometimes. But they’re a great chance to celebrate films and to see a million celebrities in one place. This year’s Oscars are going to be pretty boring, let’s admit it. J.K. Simmons, Patricia Arquette, and Julianne Moore are all shoe ins at this point, so you can pretty much hit the snooze button on the show for a while. Unless there’s a major upset (which I highly doubt). All I really have to say is Birdman all the way! Birdman and Michael Keaton!!!


And fuck the Academy if they don’t give it to Michael Keaton. He gave an original, vulnerable, amazing performance. I don’t care if Eddie Redmayne is good, it’s nothing new, we’ve all seen Rainman before.

The other toss ups here are Best Director and Best Picture. It comes down to Birdman or Boyhood. Boyhood has the momentum lately, but I think (and hope) that Birdman takes Best Picture and that Richard Linklater will take Best Director. Otherwise it will be the other way around (the Academy loves to try to spread the love as much as possible).

I hope you liked my unconventional Oscars post. Leave your opinion below and enjoy hate watching the show, as I surely will. And remember kids:



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