How to Get Away with Murder: Episode 10; Hello Raskolnikov

Apparently the second half of the season calls for a new wig.
Apparently the second half of the season calls for a new wig.

HTGAWM is back!!! This show is like my soap opera, guilty pleasure whereas Deadwood is my Shakespeare. Anyways I have to say this episode was kind of boring. Not much happened, and what did happen was pretty predictable. The best part is simply the title of the episode (I love Crime and Punishment references!) Well, and Viola Davis who as always delivers a solid performance, continuing to flesh out Annalise Keating. Although I’m still not convinced that Sam murdered Lila, but all signs point to that. I did not like the big reveal at the end that his sister is in town. I feel like it was supposed to be a really shocking and exciting reveal. She’s played by some actress whose face is really familiar, but I don’t even know her name or from where…. Marcia Gay Harden, that’s her name!!! (Praise IMDB!) She’s been in a ton of stuff. Anyways her character doesn’t interest me at all. This week’s episode gets 2 out of 5 immaculate wigs.
• The episode begins with Annalise putting on her game face i.e. her make-up and wig.
• Annalise tells Wes in a brief flashback “What you did tonight had to be done.” Yes, Sam had to be killed because he was a fucking boring character.
• By covering up the murder Annalise is trying to help herself, not the kids. I’m still not convinced that she had nothing to do with Lila’s murder.
• Laurel: “You had a girlfriend you didn’t tell me about, Frank.”
Frank: “A long distance girlfriend.” Because that makes lying okay!
• The case of the week was: In order to get the charges against Rebecca dropped they have to prove that Sam killed Lila. Well, that he probably did anyways.
• Waaaaiiiittt I thought Bonnie and Annalise had a huge fight and that Bonnie got fired??? And now everything is a-okay??? WTF???
• The students are all getting paranoid that they are going to get caught.
• Sam you are (were?) the father!!!
• Bonnie says she was ‘desperate’ when she slept with Asher. Harsh.
• Lila didn’t want an abortion, so Sam killed her. Probably.
• Frank is super pissed at Laurel, but no one has any idea why.
• Sam was at the sorority when Lila was killed. So he probably did it. Probably. The charges against Rebecca get dropped.
• “She’s not a person like the rest of us,” Annalise overhears some bitch woman say in the bathroom. Annalise just comes out of the cubicle, washes her hands, and leaves. So much more satisfying than if she had told her off.
• Laurel, Conner, and Michaela are going to turn themselves in to the police. But Wes and Annalise turn up just in time since Laurel tips them off. Annalise saves the day!
• Their exam is basically their situation lol.
• Sam’s sister is in town. *Yawn*

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