Deadwood: Season 1, Episode 7; Bullock Returns to the Camp

Oh, it's just Bullock returning to camp (lamest episode title ever).
Oh, it’s just Bullock returning to camp (lamest episode title ever).

There’s one interesting thing I forgot to note about Deadwood’s previous episode, Plague. And that is the absence of Bullock. While the community of Deadwood is banding together to prevent a small pox epidemic, Bullock is off fighting an Indian. If Bullock had been in the camp during the plague dilemma I think there would have been a lot of chaos as opposed to unity. Bullock is an interesting character because at first glance he seems like ‘the good guy,’ someone always trying to do/be right. Yet he creates a lot of problems and tension everywhere he goes.
This episode in which Bullock returns to Deadwood is not one of the best. It’s 2 Hoopleheads out of 5. This episode could also be called “That moment when I forgot Veronica Mars was on Deadwood.” Kristen Bell plays Flora Anderson, a young, orphaned girl that arrives in Deadwood with her brother, Miles. The two seem very sympathetic, innocent children. At least at first. There are brief hints that the two are more cunning and worldly than they first let on. Are they planning on trying to rip off both the Bella Union and the Gem? Can they (or anyone) accomplish such a feat? And survive?

These kids think they can compete with the likes of Al and Cy. Ahahahaha, yeah, right.
These kids think they can compete with the likes of Al and Cy. Ahahahaha, yeah, right.

• Bullock finds Jack McCall, but doesn’t kill him. He instead takes him to Yankerton to be put on trial. An instance of Bullock abiding by the law. Kind of.
• Dan (Al’s henchman) develops a creepy attraction/obsession for Flora. Like, really creepy. Like, killing a man for looking at her creepy. (Funny since Dan looks at her so much).
• So far on Deadwood there has been a funeral every episode. Last time it was the Indian’s. This time it’s Garrett’s (remember him? His death seems like a long time ago).
• I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but Jane is a huge source of the show’s profanity. HUGE. More so even than Al.
• Sol Star (Bullock’s business partner) seems to have a thing for Trixie?
Veronica Flora chooses to work at the Bella Union instead of the Gem. Can’t really blame her.
• EB tries to talk business with the Widow during her husband’s funeral. Baaad move EB.
• Alma aka the Widow decides to stay in the camp FOR NO GOOD REASON. She pisses me off. As Trixie says fuck Bullock and get out of Dodge!
• Am I the only one picking up on some lesbian undertones between Veronica Flora and Joanie? It’s almost as creepy as the Dan thing.
• Trixie is quite smart. And logical. She’s one of the only people able to successfully stand up to Al. And maybe grudgingly earn some of his respect. Just a little. Trixie totally owns her decision to go against Al and wean the Widow off dope.
• Bullock has remorse over his conflict with the Indian. “He was trying to live, same as me, and do honor to his friend.” A great, genuine moment from a character that so often tries to hide his feelings.
• Bullock: “Can we have a private talk?”
Al: “Sure we can. Should I be hard?” Ahaha.

• Al eating canned peaches!!!!
• Al starts calling Bullock “your holiness.” Perfection.
• The scene in which Jane and Charlie talk to Bill’s grave is so touching and sad. “Can I tell him some more tomorrow?” *GrabsKleenex*
• Alma acts like a school girl over Bullock. Trixie says everything I would say to her. Okay, maybe not exactly. But we would have the same point.
• Alma gives Trixie the option of leaving town with the little girl. But Trixie refuses. She knows her place in the world. And for all the abuse she suffers, a part of her seems to like being at the Gem with Al.
Instances of:
• Cunt: 2
• Fuck(ing): 49 (That’s a lot of fucking)
• Shit: 3
• Cocksucker: 4
• Titty: 3

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