Memorable Moments: The Sopranos


I’m starting a new feature that hopefully you will enjoy. Memorable Moments will highlight some of the scenes in movies and television that have had an impact on me. It can be a scene that invokes a deep emotion in me or something that just makes me go “wow, that’s cool!”

The first moment I’m picking comes from my favorite TV show, The Sopranos. My favorite character on the show is by far Christopher Moltisanti (played perfectly by Michael Imperioli). Christopher is a large source of the show’s humor, but he’s also an asshole. There are so many layers to his character, courtesy of the script and the acting. Christopher feels like a real human being, loveable in a way, but highly dysfunctional.

In this clip from Season 6 Part 2 Episode 17 “Walk Like a Man” Christopher is struggling and failing to maintain his sobriety. In this moment he realizes that the men he thought were his friends see Christopher and his alcoholism as a joke, something to be laughed at. No one is willing to help Chris or to empathize with him. Watching this scene breaks my heart because I feel so sorry for Christopher. It is truly tragic. Michael Imperioli’s acting here is excellent, capturing both Christopher’s drunken rambling, but also that very sober realization he comes to at the end.

This is a longer video (good), but it’s wonky for some reason (bad):

Do you have any favorite Sopranos moments?

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