007 December – Skyfall (2012) – The Girl That Loved to Review

I recently reviewed James Bond’s latest outing, Skyfall, as part of MovieRob’s 007 blogathon. Thanks Rob for letting me participate!

007-December Blogathon

For today’s next review of Skyfall (2012), here’s Sherise of The Girl That Loved to Review‘s thoughts on it

Thanks Sherise!


Skyfall (2012)

This is the movie that made me a huge James Bond fan. I haven’t had much experience with the franchise in the past. I’ve seen a couple Pierce Brosnan films, I’ve seen the Daniel Craig ones as well as read Casino Royale. That’s it. But after seeing the latest James Bond outing, Skyfall, I have been converted. This is an action movie at its best. Skyfall’s greatest success is taking an old, rundown formula and making it feel new and fresh again.

Saying something like that is kind of funny since it also describes James Bond (the character’s) journey through Skyfall. James is brought to his lowest low (ahem, Quantum of Solace) to be resurrected and brought back from the dead…

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