Trailer Review: Pan


Now this is a trailer that I really like. Which is kind of funny because I am not a Peter Pan fan at all (except for Finding Neverland). This trailer looks fun and magical. And it might actually add something fresh to the classic story. I think a Peter Pan prequel has a lot of potential to be interesting.
I love that one of my favorite directors, Joe Wright, is directing. He makes surprising and innovative choices. Joe Wright is not afraid to take risks and I hope this movie reflects that. Hugh Jackman looks great as Blackbeard. He’s pretty creepy looking and it looks like he had a lot of fun. And I also love that Rooney Mara is playing Tiger Lily. The casting choice pissed off a lot of people (since she’s not Native), and I can understand why, but she is one of the best actresses out there. She can pull it off. I don’t think I’ve seen Garrett Hedlund in anything before, but he looks promising as Hook. And the boy playing Peter, Levi Miller, seems perfect for the role. Also, the music in this trailer is really great and accentuates the story.
I think what appeals to me the most about this movie is that it is a little dark. Disney versions of fairytales tend to ignore this aspect of their stories. But Warner Brothers is producing Pan, not Disney. So they are more willing to go dark and take risks Disney would not. I will definitely be in line to see Pan when it arrives in theaters July 17, 2015. Will you?


2 thoughts on “Trailer Review: Pan

  1. While this doesn’t interest me, Hugh Jackman certainly does.

    I will watch it for him. However, I’m not expecting much from this one. I hope Warner Bros. do well with it though!


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