Trailer Review: Mortdecai


Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Johnny Depp, what have you done to your career?! Once he was on top of the planet. A celebrated character actor, who could also wow in big blockbuster films. Now… he’s become a caricature of himself. And this silly movie is not going to put his career back on track again. If anything it shows that he has finally reached the bottom of the barrel. I remember when Johnny did movies because he wanted to, not because he wanted a cash grab.
Johnny Depp plays Mortdecai, an art dealer looking for a lost painting that’s worth a lot of money. Or something like that. This movie is basically just an excuse for Johnny to ham it up. Also in the movie are Olivia Munn, Ewan McGregor, Gwyneth Paltrow, Paul Bettany, and Jeff Goldblum. A bit of a mixed bag that cast. This is kind of reminding me of The Tourist in that it’s a heist movie (I think?) with Johnny Depp trying to be funny. This is not a good thing to be reminded of. At least this film (Mortdecai) doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously.
Johnny’s accent is making me cringe. It might be funny in the movie, but in the trailer it seems over the top and ridiculous. And just down right annoying. I am so saddened by what Johnny Depp has become. Okay, enough whining, I’m going to go cry in the corner as I picture Johnny Depp grabbing Olivia Munn’s boob. How the mighty have fallen indeed. Mortdecai is in theaters January 23, 2015.

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