How to Get Away with Murder: Episode 7; He Deserved to Die.

Asher has such a way with words.
Asher has such a way with words.

“Voodoo penis.” One of few highlights this episode. Okay, I’ve been pretty slow with my HTGAWM (WTF????) recaps these days. But at least I’m getting this one up before tonight’s new episode! Okay, last week’s episode was pretty boring, one of the worst ones to me. It seemed like nothing happened until the revelation at the very end. I think this episode was boring because it’s the ‘Rebecca’ episode. And she is extremely unlikeable and annoying. I agree with Annalise when she calls Rebecca a ‘terrorist.’ This episode she holds everything interesting about the show hostage.
• Did Rebecca kill Sam? She says she did it and her story makes sense but… I think she might be taking the fall for Wes. I could see him killing Sam in order to avenge Annalise and protect Rebecca. I think that would be more interesting anyways.
• Asher (Matt McGorry) is my new favorite character, sorry Connor. He just has all the funny lines these days. “Play on playa.”
• Annalise reveals that she had a series of miscarriages previously. There’s some heavy handed fore-shadowing for you.
• I love how Asher hugs the trophy to him during class.
• “You forgot his name and he’s still into you? What, do you have some sort of voodoo penis?” hahahaha, Asher, you so funny. I also love how he admires Connor and his skills, “I’m so mad I wasn’t born gay.”
• How can Annalise’s Cop Boy Toy still get her any information? I thought he was fired or demoted or something.
• “This works on women as well as men.” You can say that again Connor (Jack Falahee).
• “Hey, uh, there seems to be a problem with my phone…your number’s not in it.” Asher’s pick up line.
• “She said leave.” At this point Bonnie is not showing any favoritism or interest in Asher… so how the hell do they end up screwing?!
• The bitching between Annalise and that other female lawyer was pretty funny.

Wes (Alfred Enoch) and Rebecca (Katie Findlay).
Wes (Alfred Enoch) and Rebecca (Katie Findlay).

• Rebecca and Wes finally have sex. That’s nice and all, but I’m still waiting for Annalise to pounce on him.
• The Wes/Rebecca sex scene is contrasted with Lila’s second autopsy…eww, way to kill the mood!!!

Yeah, Oliver is one lucky bastard.
Yeah, Oliver is one lucky bastard.

• Connor goes to give Oliver flowers, but some big, sexy guy answers the door instead. Nerdy Oliver gets all the hot guys!!
• Laurel admits feelings for Bearded Dude Whose Name I Forget. They also finally get it on.
• Cop Boy Toy and Rebecca align against Sam.
• Of course Ice Queen (Bonnie) interrupts Sam and Annalise potentially getting it on. She must stand at the door with her ear to the key hole.
• Lila was pregnant! And it can’t be by her chaste, Christian boyfriend who had taken a vow of silence…. It was you Sam!! Shocker!! (Not really, but whatev)
• Sam is a dirt bag, but Annalise will never break up with him. Hard to like her when she consistently lets him walk all over her.

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