Trailer Review: Into the Woods


Finally, a proper trailer for this film! I didn’t bother reviewing the first trailer for Into the Woods because it hardly revealed anything. But this trailer really gives you a feel of what the vibe is going to be. And also there’s singing! I think it’s mostly just Meryl Streep (as the Witch), but it’s better than nothing. And she sounds pretty good! Although this isn’t her first singing role as she starred in Mamma Mia a few years ago.
I really like this trailer. Before I saw it I was ambivalent about this film and was worried that it would be a boring re-hashing of some classic fairy tales. But this trailer swept me away with both its visuals and the music. Oh the music. Stephen Sondheim is a master, simply a musical genius. If you read my recent review of Sweeney Todd (another Sondheim musical) than you probably aren’t surprised that I am excited about Into the Woods. Finally, I’ll have some new songs to sing while I do my chores! Into the Woods won’t be nearly as dark as Sweeney Todd. Which is too bad because I think the original musical was a little raunchy (correct me if I’m wrong) and that with the movie version Disney has sanitized it a bit. I think there might be a lot of similarities between the two films, although Into the Woods is directed by Rob Marshall, who also directed Chicago and Nine. I don’t really like his previous work (Chicago has its moments), but I’m hoping to enjoy this. Although I would have preferred Tim Burton, but he seems to be moving away from elaborate films these days.
Acting wise, the people that stand out for me in this trailer are Emily Blunt and Anna Kendrick. While Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp have the showier parts somehow they don’t intrigue me. I like Meryl, but she isn’t an actress I run to the theater to see. I used to run to see Johnny, but he’s been disappointing me a lot lately and he has hammed it up in costume so many times before the schtick is getting a little old. I also wish they had gone for a different look for the Wolf. He looks so….human. It’s boring. After seeing Edge of Tomorrow I am now a huge Emily blunt fan and I think she can work her magic here as the Baker’s Wife. But I think Anna Kendrick will really steal the show as Cinderella. She just seems so relatable and smart. Hopefully she can put a unique spin on the typical Disney princess mold.
I think/hope that Into the Woods will be a fun movie to see on Christmas day. I think it is a perfect release date. It looks magical, a little dark, but mostly fun. I wish it would be a little darker a la Sweeney Todd, but I think it still looks enjoyable. I think Anna Kendrick is going to stand out and really become a big star after this. If you don’t like musicals you may want to skip this one. But I am really excited now and can’t wait.


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