Trailer Review: In the Heart of the Sea


Chris Hemsworth is a very busy guy these days. Not only is he busy as Thor in the Avengers films and Thor 3 (not sure when that will be out), but he’s also starring in Michael Mann’s Blackhat as well as in Ron Howard’s next flick In the Heart of the Sea. Chris seems to be making a conscious effort to break out of the super hero/pretty roles. Until the films come out it’s hard to say how well he will do, but it seems that high profile directors respect him and want him in their films. This is Chris’s second film with Ron Howard after last year’s Rush. In the Heart of the Sea is based on the incident that inspired the novel, Moby Dick. Acting alongside Chris is Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson, Ben Whishaw, and Charlotte Riley.
I think this film looks pretty good and interesting. I don’t know much about Moby Dick, but I like the idea of a crew of men having to face such an incredible obstacle. It isn’t the most original idea though. I recently reviewed the trailer for Black Sea and while it takes place in a totally different time and place the two films are similar in terms of a crew of friends at sea eventually turning on each other. So if In the Heart of the Sea is to be successful, it will have to be told in an original way, even if the story itself is not. The film already has a solid cast. I’m not convinced Ron Howard is up to the task as while his films are generally good, he isn’t very inventive and not one to take any risks. The visuals look quite nice and are probably the thing I like the most about the trailer as well as the montage at the very end.
In the Heart of the Sea hits theaters in March 2015. I think I will go see it if I happen to be bored that weekend. It looks good, but not good enough to really excite me.

One thought on “Trailer Review: In the Heart of the Sea

  1. I have to say I am really excited to go see this eventually (no idea when it will be out in South-Africa). I am a huge Chris Hemsworth fan but it will be interesting to see how he does anything else than look good in Thor clothes. Great post!

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