How to Get Away with Murder: Episode 4; Let’s Get to Scooping

No hair, don't care. Viola Davis as Annalise Keating.
No hair, don’t care. Viola Davis as Annalise Keating.

This episode was pretty good. Not my favorite, but good. I liked that Connor (Jack Falahee) was the focus for a lot of it. The audience is beginning to see a few more sides of him. He is a player, but he still has a heart. I actually kind of like Connor’s boy toy, Oliver, naïve as he is. It was sad to see his heart get broken. But I guess he should have known Connor is a player. I think it broke Connor’s heart a little too. Good acting on both their parts. I also liked the guilt Connor shows/feels over Paxton’s suicide (Which was abrupt and kind of lame to me). These two events, coupled with Sam’s murder, bring on Connor’s breakdown that is briefly shown when he goes to Oliver after the murder. Poor Connor. He’s a large part of why I like this show.

Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh.
Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh.

And that last scene with Annalise, wow. It was so powerful and yes kind of shocking. In that scene Annalise peels off her wig and wipes away her make-up, showing the audience who she truly is for the first time. I really like that she chose to confront Sam looking like that. I also love how she abruptly says to him “Sam, why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?” I was shocked! I laughed. I really was not expecting that, but Annalise is always quite blunt. That moment is an all-time highlight for me on any television show. I loved it. And the fall out next week looks like it will be quite juicy.
• So Rebecca didn’t kill Sam? I am so confused by all that flash forward stuff. Did Michaela do it? She’s the one falling apart the most.
• I like that, for the most part, the show encourages women to be powerful and assertive. This is, of course, best shown in Annalise (despite some of her flaws). I found the scene in which Annalise talks to Rebecca about her case to be quite good. Annalise encourages Rebecca to be heard and define herself, not to let anyone else define her based on their misconceptions.
• Ms. Trudeau, the woman Annalise had to defend this episode was very entertaining. She was funny, but a little crass.
• “You don’t wanna hear about my pussies.” Hahahaha.
• “If (Sam) were my husband I’d never be able to walk straight again.”
• Bitchy Blonde, Bonnie, is either having an affair with Sam or plain old stalking him. I’m guessing it’s the latter.
• Good on the show for the way they depict gay sex and homosexual relationships. It doesn’t seem all that different from the way heterosexual sex is shown all over the media.
• Paxton thinks he can get one over on Connor, but no one plays Connor!
• Bonnie is taking Sam’s side over Annalise? That’s cold. Henceforth she shall be known as the Ice Queen.
• WTF was the window open the whole time? Paxton decides to kill himself in a split second. The whole thing seemed a little ridiculous. But it does show that people should be more aware of the things they say, even in the heat of the moment.
• I love the scene where Annalise plays “detective” with Trudeau’s employees. It was fun, fast paced, and funny.
• The Ice Queen got Rebecca’s interrogation tape. Is she trying to make up to Annalise for what she did behind her back?
• Wes and Annalise just keep getting closer and closer. “It’s important to [Rebecca] and to me.” Ooh, when is Annalise gonna pounce?

Here’s a great interview with Viola Davis about this episode:

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