Trailer Review: Black Sea


This film stars Jude Law as a submarine captain searching the Black Sea for a sunken submarine filled with gold. Sounds kind of lame. But it actually looks kind of fun. Nothing amazing. Just the sort of movie to totally zone out to.
What I like: Jude Law’s awesome Scottish (?) accent. It sounds pretty good and thick. I think I could sit through this movie just to listen to him. I like the ensemble cast. There are a few guys that look familiar, but I have no idea what their names are.
What I don’t like: The effects aren’t the best. Also I hate that Inception “baaam” sound every trailer uses these days. So unoriginal.
Black Sea isn’t the kind of film I would go to the theater to see. But it is something I would rent if I was really bored one night. I’m actually pretty optimistic that this would be an enjoyable film. Black Sea is out January 2015.

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