Trailer Review: American Sniper


I adore Bradley Cooper. Clint Eastwood on the other hand… he’s a good actor and a decent director. But after watching Changeling I’m reluctant to watch any of his films. That movie was so incredibly depressing the whole way through. Not a spot of light or hope anywhere. Just all misery. I not sure this film will be any different. This film is a biography of Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper), the most lethal sniper in American history. The film also features Sienna Miller (I didn’t even realize she was still acting).
I really dislike this trailer. I can’t remember hating a trailer so much before. I wanted to like it because of Bradley. But I find it so terrible and boring. I hate that all it shows is one brief scene and a few flashbacks. It gives no hint as to what the entire tone of the film is. Unless it’s all about shooting innocent children. Something I definitely do not need to see after Changeling.
There’s a brief shot of Bradley in which it looks like he’s wearing some serious eyeliner. This just baffles me. And there’s no music in this trailer, just a thumping sound like a heartbeat. I find everything about this trailer ineffective and I’m not even sure of Bradley’s accent. There is nothing appealing about this trailer in anyway. I think I’ll have to skip American Sniper, it looks like another boring, depressing Clint Eastwood film. It will be out in January.

My say something nice is I quite like the poster.


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