Trailer Review: The Water Diviner


The Water Diviner is Russell Crowe’s directorial debut and he also stars in the film. It is about an Australian man who travels to Turkey after World War I to locate his three missing sons. Olga Kurylenko (she was the only good part of the atrocious Quantum of Solace) is in the movie as well as Jai Courtney (that guy who looks familiar but I can’t remember why until I IMDB him).
I think Olga is beautiful and has the potential to be a good actress. But she must be unlucky because she cannot catch a break and be in a decent movie. Come on Olga! I’m rooting for you! She’s not going to get her break in this movie because it looks like a dud. The trailer is boring and just seems like your typical Oscar bait, sad drama. And Jai Courtney’s mustache is distracting. At least to me; maybe I just don’t like them.
Worst of all, I think the trailer gives away too much. That shot of Russell sitting beside the two graves, right in the middle. Pretty sure those are his two dead sons, what a stupid thing to give away. Do they think people are so dumb that they will miss that? Or that they will still want to see the movie? I might be wrong about who is in those graves but… I doubt it. It doesn’t matter because I won’t be seeing this film either way. There doesn’t look to be anything original about it.
My say something nice for this trailer is: Russell Crowe looks like he does his typical good acting. If you want to catch this film it will be out around Christmas time.

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