Trailer Review: Big Eyes


Tim Burton is back with his first live action film since the incredibly disappointing Dark Shadows (2012). I still feel the pain from how bad that film was, I thought it had so much potential. But now Tim is back with something different than the films he’s become known for in the last decade. No overblown, weird effects, no Johnny Depp. Just creepy paintings in which the characters have disturbingly large eyes. Big Eyes is about Margaret and Walter Keane an artistic duo that make it big off of their paintings. The only problem is Walter takes credit for Margaret’s work until she finally fights back.
What I really love about this trailer: Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz. They are two incredibly talented, charismatic actors. Christoph especially I would pay to see in just about anything. Over the last couple of years I have found myself really liking Amy. She was the funny, charming heart of American Hustle and also surprisingly good as Lois Lane in Man of Steel. Those two, and Tim, are the main reasons I will probably be seeing this film. I also like the vibrant colors. The film seems to pop on screen. It reminds me of Edward Scissorhands (one of my favorite Burton films). Too many films today have a bland color palate. I think you can still see Tim Burton’s mark on the film, it’s just a little more subtle, which I like.
What I really hate about this trailer: It seems to give away basically the entire film. I abhor when this happens. It seems so counter intuitive. Why would I pay to sit for two hours and watch something that I basically saw for free at home in two minutes? And the story doesn’t appeal to me too much, it looks kind of dull. I love dramas but this just doesn’t have enough… drama. I want to see what Amy Adams can do with the role, but that’s about it.

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